Talia & Ohad

“Choosing Dayne as our builder was the best decision we could ever make. Right from the start of the process he was more than happy to give us all the information that we wanted, answering all our many questions in full, and in the most nice and kind way.

We felt very satisfied and confident all the way through. From the planning till the end of the construction, Dayne was there for us, with giving us advice and with offering all his amazing knowledge on the building process. When we got to the start of the building, we were so very confident with Dayne that we didn’t have any concern about the building phase.

Building a house is not an easy thing, when I talked to people while we were building, they would say to me “how are you holding on?” or “that is so difficult” but I must say that with Dayne as our builder, we were so relaxed and happy that we didn’t feel what people usually feel while building their home. It was so easy flowing that we didn’t even feel the need to go and visit onsite as often as people do.

Dayne has the best trade’s people working with him; everyone we worked with was so extremely professional, from the tiles to the kitchen, we just loved working with them all, which says a lot about Dayne.

I think that the most amazing of it all was that Dayne truly cared about how we feel in regards to the building process, and he wanted us to be happy all the way through. We were amazed at how beautiful and well-built the end result was. We love our house and enjoy it very much thanks to Dayne.

Dayne made sure that everything completed on the house would be the best quality possible. We feel so very blessed to have had Dayne as our builder. I could go on and on, but to make is short, We highly recommend Dayne Lawrie, he is the most talented, professional and caring builder that is out there. Choosing Dayne as your builder will be the best decision you can make for yourself.”

Talia and Ohad
Zinnia Close

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