Larry & Saskia

“Dear Dayne,

Thank you for excellent workmanship on the build of our house: you took our dream that looked amazing on paper and delivered what is now an amazing new home for us!

Working independently with an architect, who had penned a very interesting but challenging design that could not be properly priced until we had sunk the cost into engineering, it was our early fears that tens of thousands of dollars were never going to make it to a build without way over-capitalising for the area.

However, against the above, the challenge of some champagne tastes and untried selections for cladding materials, you provided invaluable guidance and worked closely with our designer to make simple subtle changes that still kept true to the original design. You did this unpaid, in good faith, and importantly it removed significant cost, that resulted in the dream becoming reality.

Having moved in a month ago, it is now time to reflect and look back on what, once the build started was an uncomplicated, un-stressful process – made so by your efficient, helpful and pleasant dealings. You accommodated last minute change requests and solved building challenges by finding alternative solutions. It was enjoyable working with you, and also your trades, who share the same passion for excellence and attention to detail as you have.

We are now living in a bespoke custom designed house, with a high selection of finishes that in reality would never made it to completion within our budget by any other builder.

A happy client has a mouth and many friends – we wish you every success in the future!”

Larry & Saskia
Zinnia I

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